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When establishing a Meat Processing Plant it is important that the condition of the building - the materials required for construction and its layout - are all in proper shape for meat production. The plant should not be established near marshy land, ditches, swamps or refuse dumps where rodents and insects are likely to be found. There should be proper passage and drainage of affluent and waste water away from the site. A thorough supply of contamination free water should be maintained.

The Meat processing unit comprises following important infrastructural components
Physical layout- Includes Design, layout and supports installation of machines & Equipments
Basic services- Electric power supply, Water tank, Disposal of Waste materials, leftovers and proper cleanliness and decontamination
Equipment- Important Equipments required in Meat Processing unit include : Lifting hook, Scalding tank, Aerial Track, Fixed Platforms, Knives Sterilizer, Wheel Barrow, Set of Knives, Mixer, Weighing Scale (Table Scale), Meat Grinder, Sausage stuffing machine, Salting Tank, Pallet, Electric Saw, Metallic Glove, Shower, Closet etc.
Plant and machinery Our meat processing plant comprise with all facilities of plant and machinery which includes blast freezers, plate freezers,cold storage,air conditioner deboning and packing hall ,packing machines etc

ABZ frozen Foods Pvt. Ltd. avoids non Halal practice of Stunning and Electric shock method of pre slaughtering stages, instead we focus on manual Islamic slaughter.